Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs
Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs
Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs
Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs

Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs

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Shit Men Say in Strip Clubs is a 116-page, hardcover coffee table book that offers a humorous and unique look into the world of strip clubs from the perspective of a dancer. Written by artist Exotic Cancer, the book includes depraved quotes from real customers, providing a disturbing yet authentic glimpse into the reality of adult entertainment. In addition to the insightful and hilarious text, the book also includes 26 pages of colourful pastel illustrations that make it a feast for the eyes as well as a riotous read.

At 16cm x 16cm, this hardcover book is the perfect size for displaying on a coffee table or bookshelf. Its focus on the artist's personal experiences as a dancer, combined with its use of captivating illustrations, make it a truly engaging and one-of-a-kind read that is sure to entertain from start to finish.

Customer Reviews

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Victoria H.

Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs is a timeless classic. Hilarious and outrageous, it surpassed every expectation. Loved this book.

Perfect gift 💗

My really good friend owns a dancewear/ lingerie store (@azlingerieco on Instagram) I bought her this book to keep as a bible in the store. It’s so cute and funny.

Melina R.

The cringe in this book is real. I can totally imagine these types of people in real life. Satisfying!

To L.C.

Shit Men Say In Strip Clubs

Sheira A.
I love exotic cancer

I’m so happy i was able to finally get some stuff. I’m so inspired by her work.