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Thinking of buying this deck? It's a great choice. If the super cute bright pink box isn’t enough to speak for itself, here's a little more information about what's inside…

Above is a preview of the Major Arcana cards. The artwork for the Minor Arcana cards is a surprise… You'll have to get the deck to see! Each card has a lot of thought and meaning behind it, most of the cards reference the traditional symbolism from the Rider Waite Tarot, but with a modern, sexy twist. The illustrations on each card are inspired by the artist’s experience working as a stripper. This sex-positive deck is not for the faint of heart… The vibe is flirty, empowering, and just a little ominous. 
Each box includes:
- The box itself, pink with holographic details. 
- The complete set of 78 Tarot cards, all with unique artwork. (70x120mm, holographic details on the back)
- A beginner friendly instruction/guide book.